Every day startups are hustling to find the holy grail of innovation. The mission: nothing less than changing the world, one disruptive thought at a time. These companies deserve to be in the spotlight and to tell their stories. In the past four years The Hundert magazine has become the place for the best of the best to showcase this stretch of ingenuity.


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About The Hundert – Europe’s leading startup magazine

In each issue, the Hundert brings together the founders and entrepreneurs behind one hundred startups. With its ninth issue covering the exhilarating ecosystem of New York, the magazine is an archive of the thrilling and fast-paced changes happening in the world of startups through the interviews, reports and photo galleries that it has featured. Published by NKF Media (also of Berlin Valley), the Hundert insists on inspiring design, ranging from a comic book style to engaging portraits of both the founders and their cities. With forewords by Kevin P. Ryan, Michael Müller, and Sigmar Gabriel, as well as statements by influential entrepreneurs such as Alexander Kudlich (Rocket Internet), Mathias Döpfner (Axel Springer), and Jeff Jarvis (CUNY Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism), the magazine aims to bring together the best and brightest from the various ecosystems. Members of our panel of judges have included Arianna Huffington, Matt Turck, Ben Lerer, Jens Müffelmann and Scott Galloway, with notable startups such as Casper, HelloFresh, Upworthy, Foodora, Harry’s, Codecademy, and many more being featured in different editions. We’re committed to always bringing you the newest developments from the startup capitals all over the world, so the question remains: where will we head next?!