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In the new 10th issue we’re presenting the 100 most promising startups from our own hometown Berlin, chosen by an amazing panel of judges and photographed in the summer of 2017. We explored 100 different corners of Berlin, from the subway, to parks, restaurants and cafes, to coworking spaces, street scenes, bridges across the Spree, boats on the Spree, and even included a Späti to highlight the diversity of both the city and the people that are privileged enough to live here.

The variety of companies we’ve photographed represents just how welcoming Berlin is to all ideas and endeavours: a total of 43 different sectors can be found in this edition, with Fintech and E-Health leading the pack by taking 21 of the 100 startup spots. The rest of the magazine is filled with a multitude of innovative solutions: we have a startup printing cellular matter, with the goal being to bioprint mini organs (Cellbricks); paying your bills with Bitcoins (Bitwala); digital trees that clean the air and provide Wi-Fi (Green City Solutions); connecting patients to the relevant medical research (Viomedo); and sensor-based online cow monitoring (Rumicon). We could go on, but we’ll leave you to discover your favourites for yourself.

As for the design: Our goal was to capture a visual manifestation of what Berlin feels like and make this issue one of a kind. We decided on a complex poster design that involved printing the photos, manually putting them up on the city’s walls, and rephotographing them before digitally adding text. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

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