Founder Team of Berlin Facebook Event Promotion Startup Abend

Photo-Location: Spreebalkon

Built on the remains of the former Brommy Bridge, the 100m² big Spreebalkon (balcony) in Kreuzberg seems to float over the Spree. From this distinctive observation point, you have a broad view over the river and the Friedrichshain riverside. Starry nights can be enjoyed as well thanks to spotlights.

Abend – Berlin Facebook Event Promotion Startup

They were right at the center of Europe’s party capital: Berlin. A bunch of friends throwing the biggest parties in town. Quickly, they saw the value of using Facebook to spread the word about their events and decided to make it a business. Today, they help over a thousand clubs and festivals worldwide to promote their events to just the right people – all on Facebook. How? For every event, their Facebook promotion veterans create great ads and identify the right audiences. Afterwards, the learning magic begins: testing new audiences based on the best performing results, placement and fully-automated adjustments on bids and budgets for maximum performance. The result: more guests at the event, more tickets sold and more money with less work for their clients.

Link to Startup-Website: www.abend.net

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About Abend:

Berlin-based startup Abend is the original Facebook event promotion enterprise. The company helps over a thousand clubs and festivals worldwide to promote their events in Facebook and reaching the right people. How do they do it? Their algorithm analyzes an event and finds the best audiences based on past events, artists and locations. Each time it tests many different audiences and adjusts ads to get as many attendees as possible. That’s why Abend claims to analyze each day hundreds of thousands of events in order to reach a new record. Their algorithm and an official partnership with Facebook ensures that an event of the corresponding target group is displayed. In this way, the founders of this Facebook event platform (Richard Kirschtein & Emin Mahrt) impresses the world of advertising.

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