Illustration by ©Paul_Loboda

Adjust – Winning over more investors with data analytics

If you are a forward-thinking brand, you are undoubtedly using data analytics to improve your operations. App analytics startup Adjust raised a €15 million round to help app owners do just that. The company has now raised a total of €26.6 million since it launched in 2012. Adjust’s analytics tool lets clients know where their most valuable users come from, and provides options to increase that user value. Speaking of clients, Adjust’s roster is rather impressive, including the likes of Viacom, Yelp, BuzzFeed, and more.

Link to the Startup Website:

About Adjust For too long the mobile industry has, at best, provided ‘rubbish in rubbish out’ data feedback to advertisers. Berlin based startup Adjust got fed up with this because they knew there was a better way. So they just went ahead and built it. Read more