Mobile Audience Targeting

Adsquare provides marketing intelligence based on demographics, location and time of day. It crunches an extraordinary amount of data to end up with a very simple idea: Who you are, where you go and when you go, providing better predictors of behavior than your app use and browsing history. Their unique value proposition is their ability to predict audiences in a specific time and place with unprecedented accuracy, enabling maximal return on marketing spend and minimal waste. All this is achieved without cookies, and strictly adheres to applicable data privacy laws. adsquare’s solution offers limitless possibilities for anyone who needs pinpointed information about where and when they can best reach their target group. The company was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Doerfel and Fritz Richter. Sebastian recognized the limitations of classical targeting, and saw how adsquare’s unique solution had the potential to revolutionize the marketing world. Fritz was drawn to the challenge of building a high performance infrastructure capable of analyzing millions of data points in real time adsquare is currently expanding internationally, and aims to be Europe’s leading player in Mobile Audience Targeting.

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