Illustration by ©Daniel_Caballero

Ampion – All aboard the magic startup bus!

Any young startup would want to hitch a ride on the AMPION Venture Bus. The Berlin-based organization runs a series of 5-day bus trips in Africa, during which startup teams can improve on prototypes and participate in workshops. When the bus reaches the final destination, it is time for none other than a pitch contest! AMPION Venture Bus has been named one of eight winners of the 2015 Innovation Ecosystem Awards. “It’s amazing to see that our work has a real impact on innovation ecosystems,” said founder Fabian-Carlos Guhl.

About Ampion Berlin startup Ampion enables entrepreneurs to launch businesses in Africa and use technology for innovation. It is the leading impact based pan-African organization dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs. The heart of Ampion’s operations begins with 7-day innovation bootcamps, which take place on the Ampion Venture Buses across 14 African countries. Each Venture Bus is lead by Ampion trained staff, who are accompanied by both expert international experts and mentors. Corporate supporters of our programs are and have been, among others, Merck, Microsoft, MTN and SAP. Read more