Founder Team of Berlin automated App Localization Startup Applanga

Photo-Location: Hermannplatz

The first buildings around Hermannplatz were apartments which developed on both sides of the square in 1860. They were demolished in the 1920s to make room for the subway station and the department store Karstadt. Redesigned in the 1980s, it now features a bronze statue and weekly markets

Applanga – the Berlin Startup for Automated App Localization

Applanga automates all steps of app localization. It was founded in 2014 by Christian Stanke and Steffen Römer who have been working together in leading positions at several mobile app, gaming, payment and marketing startups. They managed to secure funding from Axel Springer and HTGF. Contrary to the outdated and often messy file-based approach commonly used in software translation, Applanga offers automated text extraction, on-device testing and over-the-air updates paired with powerful online editing features. The platform enables even basic users to manage, test, and fix localizations in live apps. This drastically improves app quality while reducing time to market as well as developer and QA time spent on otherwise manual and repetitive tasks. Today, it is already in use by known developers and game publishers. Applanga is currently expanding its reach by adding more customers and platforms to become the go-to solution for modern app localization.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Applanga in their office. Here´s the video:

About Applanga:

Berlin-based Startup Applanga automates all steps of app localization. Founded in 2014 by Christian Stanke and Steffen Römer, the company is a revolutionary mobile app localization platform for adding new languages and phrases to the customers’ existing mobile apps. With Applanga’s web dashboard, the users can easily manage the different language versions of their apps, edit content and push translations to others with just a few clicks. No need to rebuild, recode, or resubmit the app to any app store. Because translating a mobile app consumes a lot of time, even for the most experienced developer, the importance of apps that support multiple languages is visible and has increased. For example, the proportion of free downloads and revenue globally generated by all non-English languages has grown. In this context, Applanga dramatically simplifies the localization process, saving developers’ time and money.

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