Founder Team of Berlin Advertising Technology Startup Applift

Photo-Location: Caffetteria Buchhandlung

The Caffetteria Buchhandlung was a book store in GDR times and was turned into a communal kitchen and concert venue in 1990 by the East Berliner house squatting scene. Ten years later, after refurbishing, the current café opened its doors under the motto Cantina Sociale, a multicultural artistic café.

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AppLift – Berlin based advertising technology platform

AppLift is an advertising technology platform empowering mobile advertisers to acquire quality users for their apps on a global scale. The company was founded in August 2012 by Tim Koschella, Kaya Taner and the HitFox Group. Since then, it has raised €15 million euros and grown to a multinational company of 200 people spread across 7 offices on 3 different continents. AppLift currently works with more than 500 app advertisers from all verticals. Since the start, it has developed a proprietary technology to improve the accuracy, relevance and efficiency of mobile advertising. In particular, a strong focus was set on performance, by optimizing the lifetime value of the users delivered. Last May, AppLift complemented its offering through the acquisition of Bidstalk, a technology-first startup based in Singapore and specialized in programmatic mobile media buying. The company plans to keep on improving its technology and bolstering its position as a leading global adtech player.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited AppLift in their office. Here´s the video:

About Applift:

Berlin-based Startup Applift is an international team of dedicated technology enthusiasts, passionate about mobile and advertising.  With the believe that through relentless innovation they can bring value to all their stakeholders, the company works hard to empower mobile advertisers to acquire quality users for their apps on a global scale. Applift value proposition resides on three pillars: technology, data and services. Their advanced media buying platform DataLift enables marketers to perform RTB and other programmatic through a self serve interface, delivering highly-relevant ads to over 1 billion users per month. The platform resides on their roprietary LTV optimization algorithm dynamically ensuring the most efficient allocation of media spend across the wide array of traffic sources available. Based out of the heart of Berlin’s dynamic start-up scene, their offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore and Bangalore offer  a wide and diverse presence on 3 continents. They are backed with $20 million by Dutch venture capital and growth equity fund Prime Ventures, as well as by the HitFox Group.

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