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Aupeo – Personal radio startup wins prestigious CES award

AUPEO! set itself apart from other music recommendation apps, such as Spotify,, and 8tracks, when it focused on optimizing in-car connectivity. So far, it has paid off for the company founded in 2008. AUPEO! was purchased by Panasonic Group in 2013, and this year it won an award at the largest US tech show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place in Las Vegas. CEO Holger Weiss told the Berliner Morgenpost last year that the company wants to become “a kind of Twitter for cars.”

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About Aupeo Berlin-based startup Aupeo is a personalized internet radio service, which currently offers over 120 pre-developed stations and covers a wide range of genres. Users are able to select stations that follow a theme, genre, or musical mood. In addition to these stations, users can also listen to ‘Artist Stations’, which play music related to an artist selected by the user. Aupeo’s ‘Mood Tuner’ allows users to listen to stations specifically based on musical mood (sad, happy,aggressive, relaxing). Aupeo is the first audio app to team up with Volkswagen cars using MirrorLink technology. Read more