We Fix Banking!

Banking sucks! It‘s 2014, and we still pay fees for cash withdrawals, use paper TAN lists to send money, and mobile apps? Well, we haven’t seen a single one that matches our expectations as smartphone using, digital natives. It was January 2013 and we were annoyed. We knew no one else was going to change it, so here we are doing it ourselves: Building the bank account we always wanted! Our mission is to unwind the complexity of banking using the technology available to us today. Avuba makes sending money easier than texting or opening a bank account, and is as simple as installing an app, delivering a customer service that truly makes people happy. We expect it from other industries, so why not banking? We teamed up in August 2013, and are already making the first customers happy with an early beta of Avuba. Our first public version will launch in summer 2014, so definitely not long until we bring out the first full fledged Avuba bank accounts, and (yes, we mean it 😉 ) make banking fun again!

Link to the Startup Website: www.avuba.de

Find the complete interview at www.the-hundert.com/avuba