Illustration by ©W_Flemming

Axel Springer – Business Insider acquired – A real deal for digital publishing

When one of Europe’s largest digital publishing houses acquires an American media website, that is certainly news for the books. Axel Springer took a leap outside of Europe when it bought 88% of Business Insider for $343 million. The German media house may have lost a bidding contest for the Financial Times a couple of months earlier, but made up for it soon after with this move that will raise its profile on a global scale. The company has now laid a solid foundation for staying on top of the changing media landscape.

About Axel Springer Axel Springer SE is the leading digital publisher in Europe and situated in Berlin. As a result of consistent internationalization and digitization, Axel Springer SE today is not only market leader in the German print business, but is also active in more than 40 countries through subsidiaries, joint ventures and licenses. Read more