Barbara Labate
Co-Founder and CEO
of Risparmio Super, 

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Q: How do you deal with stress?

A: I actually don’t, i just embrace stress, I use it to be focus 24h a day to get things, done and to push my team in moving faster.

Be the one that makes things happen

From an early age, I’ve been a very independent person. I don’t like following anyone’s rules and would rather be in charge of succeeding or failing on my own. Knowing this about myself pushed me to new ventures and into entrepreneurship.

While studying at Columbia University, I had a tight budget and bought groceries at 99 cent stores. I had a terrible, expensive grocery store next to my apartment and soon realized I could save time and money by comparing grocery store prices. I presented the concept of a price comparison service in one of my classes at Columbia and kept the idea in my mind.

My passion for transforming ideas into real services or products led me to found my first startup, a premium space for mobile phone services, in 2004. Then, in 2010, I founded Risparmio Super. I learned to risk my own money, survive without a salary for months while I was paying employees, and function on just a few hours of sleep. Startups are not about a quest for money or success, but rather the pleasure of making an impact with your ideas.

Barbara Labate is both founder and CEO of Risparmio Super, a web and mobile service that compares grocery store prices throughout Italy. She launched her first startup in 2004 in the field of premium mobile services. Risparmio Super launched in 2010, and now has a team of 23 people divided between Catania, Rome and Milan. Barbara has a degree in Political Science, a Fulbright scholarship and a master’s from Columbia University in New York.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.