Private Equity Investments for Everyone

Who: Dr. Guido Sandler / Dennis Bemmann Occupation: CEO / CTO of Bergfürst
What: Bergfürst is the only regulated crowd investing platform in Germany. Private individuals invest money into self-picked growth-stage companies in exchange for straight equity. Another unique feature: Investors can buy and sell shares on our exclusive online trading platform as a secondary market. Our next goal? Investments in properties!
Mission: Private equity investments for everyone
How much: 250 € minimum investment / 5 € per order
Why Berlin: Berlin offers the ideal mix of creatives, geeks, visionaries, politicians and entrepreneurs that inspire our business and promote it further. While people elsewhere regard you mainly in the context of your past achievements, Berliners expect you to continuously reinvent yourself and try something new. Berlin is not your typical hub for finance people, but the perfect surrounding with just the right personalities and spirit to reinvent venture capital.

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