Illustration by ©Svetik_petushkova

Berlin Ecosystem – Berlin is no Silicon Valley…yet.

Berlin’s beloved startup ecosystem might seem like the best in the world to us, but sometimes we need a little grounding in our thinking. San Francisco-based data service Compass released a 2015 “Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking” that put Berlin in ninth place and below a total of six US cities. But there was one redeeming aspect: Berlin climbed six spots from last year – more than any others ahead of it. At this rate, the rankings for Berlin next year should be stellar. Keep up the momentum, Berlin!

Link to the Ranking Website:

About Berlin Ecosystem The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 determined the 20 best startup locations in the world. The comprehensive study predicts a blooming future future for Berlin – not least because the local founder stronghold grows increasingly. Read more