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Berliner Volksbank Ventures – Big Berlin bank invests in small but growing ideas

Berlin’s banking giants know that good action starts with startups! In 2015, Berliner Volksbank launched a VC fund called Berliner Volksbank Ventures. Andreas Laule, the venture’s CEO, aims to support young companies in the financial sector with implementation of growth strategies. The stereotype of Germany’s major banks is they are slow to evolve. Berliner Volksbank is not afraid of digital transformation, however, and plans to utilize this fund to establish itself as a reputable lead or co-investor in promising technologies.

About Berliner Volksbank Ventures Berliner Volksbank Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital Fund of the Berliner Volksbank. They support young, innovative companies in their implementation of growth strategies. In doing so, they provide stability, reliability, community and partnership on equal terms. These values permeate their general process of involvement and outline the collaboration with portfolio companies. The digital transformation is irrevocably changing the value chains and structures of all sectors. Traditional processes have to be redefined and sustainability improved. The venture capital fund has a special interest in innovative technologies for the small and medium enterprises segment and the financial sector. In addition to the specific business idea, they invest in start-up personalities. Read more