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Photo-Location: Chancellery

In 1992, a design for the new Chancellery in Berlin was needed and an urban development competition was organized. Charlotte Frank and Axel Schultes won with their concept “Band des Bundes” due to its linear, broad design connecting both Spree banks symbolizing the German reunification

BerlinStartupOffices – Berlin Marketplace for Office Space for Startups

Startups in various stages need office space – let it be after the establishment of the company or after a round of growth funding. Most of the time, they need office space fast and without bureaucracy. In tough times, startups need to get rid of their office space quickly as well to keep the burn low and not spend their last cash on a 3-year office lease. BerlinStartupOffices is the marketplace that makes it easy for startups and small companies to either quickly find subtenants or to pass on their office lease to another startup. BerlinStartupOffices started small and established itself in a niche market in Berlin. The project was started by Florian Purchess and Daniel Frese in March 2015. Flo and Daniel met back when they were two of the four co-founders of Dreamflat, which sold to Immowelt. This fall, the team plans to enter new market segments with BerlinStartupOffices as well as new cities in Europe, specifically Munich, Hamburg and London. It may be that they need then a new name.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited BerlinStartupOffices in their office. Here´s the video:

About Berlin Startup Offices:

Berlin Startup Offices is a marketplace to rent and offer startup-friendly office space in Berlin. Find offices, sublets, desks and coworking spaces. The company also offers to rent a space in proximity to other startups. They think that a marketplace for office space is a missing piece in the Berlin startup ecosystem and it will do good things for the community. Startups usually have the same preferences when it comes to office space. So it makes sense if startups pass on their old offices to other startups or sublet desks when they have empty space in their office. In other words,Berlin Startup Offices is the marketplace to unbureaucratically trade office space within the startup ecosystem in Berlin.

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