Founder Team of Berlin 3D Printing Startup BigRep

Photo-Location: Scube Park Neukölln

Scube Park Neukölln offers unique sleeping cubes of 9m² for a nature getaway right in the middle of the city. Guests may enjoy a panoramic view from their cube or hang out in the common room, BBQ area or beer garden.

Link to Photo-Location: www.scubepark.ber

BigRep – Berlin Startup for 3D Printing

Founded in 2014, BigRep is the market and technological leader for large-scale serial 3D printing, aiming to revolutionize design, prototyping and industrial production from the core. With a volume of more than 1m³//35.31ft³, BigRep One.2- the current product line- is the largest FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printer available on the world market at the moment, thus bridging the gap between 3D printers designed for modelling and industrial use.

Link to Startup-Website:

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited BigRep in their office. Here´s the video:

About BigRep:

Founded in 2014, BigRep transforms design, prototyping and manufacturing from the ground up by using 3D printing. With its 1.3 m³ volume, the BigRep ONE.2 is the biggest FDM-printer worldwide and prints designs, molds or end-products in real size at affordable costs. In other words, it opens the gateway to a new dimension in 3D printing and 3D manufacturing. This model prides itself in being the largest FFF 3D printer currently on the market and provides the Maker community with access to full scale 3D printing for a much lower price. With 27 times the volume of a large desktop 3D printer, it only costs about five times as much as the largest available desktop machine. The company team is composed of 40 engineers, software developers, designers, artists and experienced business experts, constantly growing.

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