Handling of Advertisement, as Simple as Shopping Online

In October 2013 Jan Homann & Simon Staib founded blogfoster with the vision to make the handling of advertisement as simple as shopping online. By running the blog-marketer stilanzeigen. net since 2011, we detected that the long tail of publishers is struggling with the complexity of the admarket. We started blogfoster to solve this. Imagine blogfoster as an online store for advertisement. We fill this store with advertisements from many direct clients, agencies and providers, then filter the ads for every user based on their favored topics and the user’s behavior. Then, the user drags & drops the advertisements on their site. In return, we receive a revenue share. Currently, we are focusing on our initial market of 300 million blogs, and until now we have received registrations reaching 40 million Page Impressions per month. Our next step: Today, everybody is a publisher by sharing stories, pictures or opinions online. Our vision is to make advertisement shopping simple and obtainable for everybody – easy, fast and with 100% control.

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