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Location: Bloomen Shop

Bloomy Days

Fresh Flowers Delivered by Subscription

Bloomy Days was founded by Franziska v. Hardenberg in March 2012. Due to its diverse, stylish and high quality flowers, Bloomy Days secured the market leadership in the segment of young flower subscription services. The easy handling of the subscription is a special feature. Customers can subscribe online at www.bloomydays.com and manage their own subscription with just a few clicks. There are no contractual responsibilities. The subscription can be started, paused and terminated anytime. The flowers are groomed and cropped by hand, wrapped in colored paper, and shipped directly on the same day. Arriving at the customer’s doorstep, they are up to five days fresher than those from local flower shops. Cutting out the middleman is the way to get the freshest flowers possible, and to assure highest quality standards. In 2013, Bloomy Days was honored as “E -Commerce Start Up of the year”. Making life more colorful is our vision, and with every bouquet we’re getting a little closer to just that.

Link to the Startup Website: www.bloomydays.com

Find the complete interview at www.the-hundert.com/bloomy-days