Founder Team of Berlin Service Storage Startup Box at Work

Photo-Location: Victoria Park

The urban Victoriapark is located on the Kreuzberg hill. The Liberation Wars monument on top of the hill provides a marvelous view over the city and in summer, an artificial waterfall originates at its foot. 600 bottles of wine are pressed each year from its old vineyard!

Box at work – Easy Storage Berlin Startup

Box at Work helps people in urban areas create space in their homes or offices without having to deal with annoying broken handles or ripped bottoms from cardboard boxes. Box at Work delivers packing or storage boxes to any address or floor, at any time and for free. After moving, empty boxes get picked up and storage boxes or items are brought toBox at Work’s safe warehouses. In an online account, the client can keep an overview of his storage while being able to get items redelivered within 24 hours. With its efficient routes and full cradle-to-cradle recycling system, Box at Work sees itself as a solution for urban challenges and future living. Founded in 2014 by Gerrit Jan Reinders, former auditor at Deloitte for 5 years,Box at Work started its operations in Berlin in January 2015 and plans to roll out to the next big cities in the coming months.

Link to Startup-Website:

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Box at Work in their office. Here´s the video:

About Box at Work:

Berlin-based Startup Box at Work is a great service for easy storage and sturdy moving boxes. The company aims to end the outdated moving- and rental warehouse Industry. Under the slogan “Move easily & store cleverly” the startup offers an eco-friendly service which includes the usage of reusable plastic boxes for moving.  Each of these boxes can be used up to 400 times, which means that a lot less cardboard boxes have to be produced. Box At Work has the opinion, that success and sustained processes can be arranged in a very good way. Only with environmentally friendly methods, which are practical and affordable for the customer, the negative impact can be reduced to a minimum. That´s the reason why they also invest a substantial part of their income in the environment: they plant trees there, where they are needed and this way they make the earth a little bit greener.

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