Founder Team of Berlin Home Security Startup BuddyGuard

Photo-Location: Nikolaiviertel

Located at Spree Island, Nikolaiviertel is the historical heart of Berlin. At its center, the Nikolai Church, Berlin’s oldest church. After vast destruction in World War II, the ruins were rebuilt in the 1980s attempting a replica of the beautiful historical models

BuddyGuard – Berlin based Home Security Startup

BuddyGuard believes that home security should be intelligent, easy and affordable. It should protect you and your home all by itself, without compromising your privacy. Most of all, security should be hassle-free: Gone are the days of endless cables, seven digit codes and unappealing hardware. Based on these convictions, BuddyGuard was founded in 2014. Herbert Hellemann, Wouter Verhoog and George Platon made it their mission to gap the bridge between old-school security solutions like Abus and lifestyle devices like Canary. According to Wouter, their COO with a background in Marketing and Business Development: “Security should not be complicated nor time-consuming. This is why we designed Flare to do all the surveillance, prevention and follow-up on its own. Flare is stacked with powerful hardware and advanced artificial intelligence.” BuddyGuard recently raised €160.000 in pre-orders on Kickstarter and are now talking with major partners and resellers in Europe and the United States.

Link to Startup-Website: www.buddyguard.io

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About Buddy Guard:

The people behind the Berlin-based startup BuddyGuard believe that home security should be intelligent, easy and affordable. That’s why the company created a single security device for people living in urban areas.  BuddyGuard’s Flare is a complete home security system in one single device. It’s easy to install and can be placed on any wall in a matter of seconds. Fitted with cameras and facial recognition software, the Flare device can determine between a homeowner and a stranger, and even make ‘homely’ noises to make it appear someone is in. It will also call the police in the event of a break-in. Using artificial intelligence, the device can also understand what is happening in the world around it and take smart automatic decisions to fight burglary. Founders Herbert Hellemann, Wouter Verhoog and George Platon have the purpose to eliminate human errors and long response times. In other words, BuddyGuard’s Flare is an intelligent home security system in a single device which protects you and your home all by itself.

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