Founder Team of Berlin Robotics Industry Startup Cagebot Industries

Photo-Location: Café der Kulturfabrik

At the Café der Kulturfabrik, one may experience fine arts shows and political discussions and even indulge in weekly Tatort sessions on a giant screen. All this, while enjoying drinks at moderate prices.

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Cagebot Industries – Berlin startup for modular robotics systems

Cagebot Industries designs modular robotics systems for industrial, educational and personal use. The product line of Cagebot Industries includes a large variety of components such as sturdy bricks, powerful motors and precise sensors to support creativity and provide an educational tool for current and future generations. After working in the industrial automation business, Ringo and Kai developed Cagebot in late 2011 and founded Cagebot Industries  in 2014. Later, the number of team members increased and the product was kickstarted to the final stage. The result was a comprehensive software framework for robotics with a manageable graphical user interface for all major mobile and desktop operating systems. Presently, Cagebot Industries is used at workshops in schools to teach children about next generation technologies. At the same time, Cagebot Industries started to develop industrial robots. Driven by the modular nature of their system, this technology can be exchanged between industrial, educational and personal products.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Cagebot Industries in their office. Here´s the video:

About Cagebot Industries:

The company creates a sophisticated robot set for everyone using industrial technology and modern software. After three years, starting in 2011, a team of three German engineers from Berlin have developed a prototype of the ultimate robot kit. The Cagebot makes creative visions come to life. This versatile robot kit can be built into anything from a 3D printer to a bridge. The only limits the Cagebot has is it’s creator’s ideas. With such user friendly software that the Cagebot uses, anyone would be able to master it. There are no lengthy manuals to decipher a foreign tech language from. Everything is very basic and straightforward that even the most inept person can control this robot. Saying that “the skys the limit” for the Cagebot is a massive understatement. It is inevitable that we, as humans, create such technology that the future is foreseen and further intelligence is gathered from the technology that we gain and a snowball effect of knowledge ensues. Cagebot Industries was founded in 2014 and since then the team increased and now they are developing industrial robots.

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