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Timothy Lynch (Co-Founder, VP of Energy Engineering) and Raphael Carty (Co-Founder, CEO)

Location: Astor Place subway station opened in 1904. Today it is known for its replica of an original, ornate cast-iron station entrance. Inside you can find more period detail including depictions of beavers: the station’s namesake John Jacob Astor made his fortune selling beaver furs.

Callida Energy – Reinventing the way buildings work

Founded in 2013
4 employees
Funding undisclosed

Enabling facility managers to reduce energy waste, sustainability managers to reduce carbon emissions and building occupants to achieve a healthy and comfortable workplace, Callida is reinventing the way commercial buildings work for everyone. The Callida App lets every occupant have a voice in office comfort ratings that are visualized in real-time on the facility manager’s dashboard and Callida lets the facility manager know when the office is empty to turn down cooling/heating to generate savings with no discomfort. Callida also monitors demand and energy consumption to prevent setting new peak usage and to increase overall cooling/heating efficiency. Incubated in 2013 at the Dreamit NYC Accelerator, Callida has been installed in commercial real estate and municipal sites, achieving HVAC energy savings of 30+%. Callida is dedicated to their mission: Make every commercial building the most efficient, sustainable and productive workplace possible, globally.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.