Founder Team of Berlin Education Tech Startup CareerFoundry

Photo-Location: Factory Berlin

Factory, the technology campus is situated in the heart of Berlin, next to the former Berlin Wall. It provides a work environment for a flourishing community of entrepreneurs and innovators with space for coworking, training, accelerator classes and events. 

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CareerFoundry – Online Bootcamp Berlin Startup

CareerFoundry trains the next generation of tech talent, digital leaders, managers and entrepreneurs through high quality, immersive online bootcamps. If you want a formal, structured training to modernize your know-how or build a new career, CareerFoundry is your destination. It offers training in the most in-demand fields in the digital economy, such as Web Development, User Experience (UX) Design, Digital Executive Training. CareerFoundry’s state-of-the-art training pairs you with an experienced, professional mentor who will polish your work, motivate and push you forward – until you finish the course with solid, job-ready skills that are exactly focused on what today’s employers are looking for. All training happens solely online. CareerFoundry has trained students from 50 countries worldwide. Founded by Raffaela Rein and Martin Ramsin in 2013, it has received investments of €1.2 million to date.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited CareerFoundry in their office. Here´s the video:

About CareerFoundry:

Berlin-based startup CareerFoundry is the online bootcamp for digital leaders and tech talent. The company has launched its mentor-driven “zero-to-job-ready” vocational training platform for those who aspire for a career in tech. The startup’s offer consists of a 3-month long program, during which students are paired with experienced, professional mentors from the relevant industry who help them in the course of their studies. Students choose between two focuses: Web Development and UX/UI design. Graduates of the three-month Web Development course will have the skills to be an employable junior front-end and Ruby on Rails developer. The startup’s CEO said that students’ fees at the moment are the company’s only source of income, though in the future it may “also earn something at the recruiting end.”

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