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Photo-Location: Heimathafen

Heimathafen, a theater, concert and lecture hall wants to bring back the flair of Berlin’s turn of the twentieth century entertainment district within the beautiful setting of a historic ballroom. Together with the neighboring Neukölln Opera, it is becoming a cultural core of Berlin. 

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Casenio – Smart Home Solution Berlin Startup

Casenio enables the elderly and people in need of care to longer live independently in their own home. The sensor-based smart home system provides support far beyond a pure emergency call function. It can identify unusual or possibly dangerous situations like missing activity, alert the resident and inform previously determined caregivers if necessary. Furthermore, it helps to remind a resident of daily routines like medication or switching off electrical equipment. Thanks to the modular sensor-system casenio can be adapted to exactly fit the needs of each individual. It is easy to install and to handle and available at an affordable price.

Founded in 2014 by Tim Lange and Stefan Busch, Casenio is currently adding numerous e-health functions to its smart home technology extending the possibilities for private use. At the same time it offers innovative solutions to players from the care, real estate or insurance sector that have to adapt to the challenges of an ageing society.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Casenio in their office. Here´s the video:

About Casenio:

Casenio is a smart-home-system for seniors and people in need of care to live longer independently in their own home. The sensor based system has not only an emergency call function. It also identifies dangerous or unusual situations like missing activity and many more, this way it can alert the resident, caretaker or a relative. It helps as well to remind a resident of the daily routines or switching off electrical equipment. The special thing about Casenio is its wide range of functionality. Following the principle of a construction kit, it can be customized individually, depending on what you need. Very easy to install and handle, at an affordable price. Founded by Tim Lange and Stefan Busch in 2014, Casenio is now adding even more functions to its smart-home-system, giving more possibilities for private use as well as for the care, real estate and insurance branch.

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