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Luke Sherwin (Co-Founder, CCO), Gabriel Flateman (Co-Founder, CTO), Neil Parikh (Co-Founder, COO), Constantin Eis (Co-Founder, Global Managing Director) und Philip Krim (Co-Founder, CEO)

Location: Scattered across the city’s rooftops, water tanks are a symbol of New York. The weather-beaten wooden tanks may look like relics of a past age but they provide most of the water that New Yorkers bathe in and drink every day. Hundreds of new tanks are still made each year.

Casper – The ultimate sleep startup

Founded in 2014
200 employees
Funding $69.96M / 3 rounds

Casper is a global sleep company that launched in 2014 with one perfect mattress sold directly to consumers — eliminating commission-driven, inflated prices. Its critically acclaimed sleep surface was developed in-house, has a sleek design, and is delivered in a small, “how did they do that?”-sized box. The company is one of the fastest growing consumer brands of all time, and its product line has increased to include sheets and pillows. Casper was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World, and its eponymous mattress was crowned one of TIME Magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2015’.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.