Founder Team of Berlin Insurance Broker Startup Clark

Photo-Location: Arkonaplatz

Named after Cape Arkona on Rügen Island, the square was built in 1853. It has preserved a lot of its original flair and has become a popular, yet peaceful spot. Besides its large playground, it is especially favored for its Sunday flea markets, often combined with a trip to the neighboring Mauerpark.

Clark – Berlin’s Digital Insurance Broker

Clark is Germany’s first digital insurance broker. The company sells insurance products from more than 160 insurance companies in Germany and helps customers find the best deal. It offers all classic consumer insurances like health, life, car, house or liability insurance. Additionally, customers that already have insurances get an online overview of their portfolio. Clark constantly checks the portfolio for outdated contracts and proposes cheaper alternatives that help customers save 40% and more on insurances. Founded in June 2015, Clark is headed by Dr. Christopher Oster, Steffen Glomb and Dr. Marco Adelt. With an experienced team of finance and insurance experts, Clark offers competent, comprehensible and fair advice in the customers’ interest.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Clark in their office. Here´s the video:

About Clark:

Berlin-based insurance platform Clark is Germany’s first digital insurance broker. The company’s goal is to give the customer a good feeling when it comes to insurance – having the certainty to be insured correctly. Clark combines modern technology with personal service and aims to make the complex insurance world easier and more transparent to understand. The online platform brings together all insurance companies at a glance, enables comparisons of alternative insurance and is committed to ensuring that commission income can be shared with customers. Clark was founded in June 2015 and is led by Dr. Christopher Easter, Steffen Glomb and Dr. Marco Knights. With a strong team of experienced financial and insurance experts Clark offers competent, understandable and fair consultation in accordance with the customer. The company is supported by the Company Builder FinLeap from Berlin and works with the independent Institute of transparency (ITA) together to ensure maximum transparency and comparability with regard to commissions and product details within the portal.

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