Coffee Circle

Online Shop for Direct and Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee Circle is a Berlin-based, E-commerce business, founded in 2010. Today the company‘s major aim is to improve the living conditions of coffee farmers in Ethiopia by selling the yields of their work through a direct, fair trade model in order to benefit all people involved in the value chain. To realize this mission, Coffee Circle travels to Ethiopia each year after the harvest to select those coffees that make the perfect cup. Buying directly from the farmers, Coffee Circle is able to pay fair prices, learn about their most basic needs, and hence, identify social development projects that meet the local demand. These projects are then financed through the proceeds of coffee sales: €1 per kilogram of coffee sold is directly invested into the implementation of these projects addressing educational and health care issues. Within three years of business, and with this new kind of trade, Coffee Circle has already achieved reaching over 15.000 people in coffee growing regions of Ethiopia.

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