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coModule – Smartphone-controlled bicycles for the future

Self-driving cars and trucks are on the way, but what about bicycles? At EuroBike Germany, Berlin startup CoModule showcased an exciting prototype for an e-bike controlled from your smartphone. Features such as moving forward, stopping, and steering were already implemented, and CoModule said that with a few additional tweaks and GPS coordinates, the bike can operate in a closed environment. Here’s to the future of CoModule, self-driving bicycles, and real sustainable mobility!

Link to the Startup Website:

About coModule CoModule GmbH, is a German company headquartered in Berlin, the global innovation centre of electromobility. The company combines years of experience from electric vehicle and battery technology development. coModule believes that the electric vehicle revolution is now! The way to manage over-populated cities and increasing air pollution is to convert to clean forms of transport that require less space and maintenance – light electric vehicles are the solution. To empower LEV revolution we need to address all issues keeping consumers from adoption. Read more