Payments Between Friends – Simple and Secure.

In the age of Cringle, the frustration you feel from never being repaid when you lend your friends money will be gone. Cringle is a mobile payment app that not only allows you to easily manage all your cash transactions within your circle of friends, but also enables money transfers directly between bank accounts. But Cringle is more than just payments. It is a new way of giving transactions a social touch and capturing interactions with your friends. Our users do not have to preload anything, scan a QR-Code, or carry around an external device. They simply select the desired person from their contacts, enter amount and subject, and select whether they borrowed or lent the money. Cringle is a Berlin based Start-Up and was founded by Joschka Friedag, Frane Bandov, Konrad Maruszewski and Malte Klussmann. At the moment they are part of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.

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