Illustration by ©Svetik_petushkova

DailyDeal – Coupon platform sells for the third time in its history

Founded by two brothers Fabian and Ferry Heilemann, coupon platform DailyDeal famously sold to Google in 2011 but was bought back by the Heilemanns two years later. This year, the company added another line to its history: DailyDeal sold to MenschDanke for an undisclosed sum in the single-digit million euro range. The company stands as a market leader next to Groupon and has generated significant revenue from its user base in Germany and Austria.

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About DailyDeal Berlin-based coupon startup DailyDeal GmbH was founded in September 2009 and has around 200 employees. As a marketing service provider DailyDeal offers its partners the opportunity to gain new customers with special offers, as well as sustainably increase their brand awareness and sales. With 31,000 deals and 4.6 million sold vouchers with a total value of 260 million euros, Daily Deal has established itself as the leading couponing portal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland within the first three fiscal years. Read more