Founder Team of Berlin Mobile Data Startup Dalia Research

Photo-Location: Clärchen’s Ballhaus

Opened in 1913, Clärchen’s Ballhaus is one of Berlin’s greatest ballroom institutions and was a filming location for “Inglorious Basterds”. Aside from their usual dance parties, they also offer dance classes and the event “Gypsy Restaurant” including dinner and music.

Link to Photo-Location: www.ballhaus.de

Dalia Research – Berlin Startup for market research and consumer insights

“There will soon be over 4 billion smartphone users worldwide. How can we leverage this vast potential to get better and faster insights on consumer trends and public opinion?” This was the question that inspired Nico Jaspers and Fernando Guillen to found Dalia Research in October 2013. Today, Dalia distributes hundreds of thousands of micro surveys across a vast network of mobile publishers in more than 80 countries and collects millions of answers per day. The platform is used by some of the world’s leading market research agencies, technology consultancies and universities to better understand future trends in mobile shopping: what Europeans think about the Euro-Crisis or how diabetes is spreading across China. Dalia recently won the prestigious IIeX Europe Award for the “most innovative startup” in the market research and consumer insights space. It aims to become the leading source for real-time information on market and opinion trends across the world.

Link to Startup-Website:www.daliaresearch.com

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Dalia Research in their office. Here´s the video:

Dalia Research:

Dalia Research is the market research company which offers consumer and opinion insights in real time. Dalia provides a technology solution to reach people around the world through mobile devices. The startup enables the collection of real-time data on market trends, opinions, attitudes, perception and other insights for strategic decision-making. The rapid spread of smartphones around the world creates new opportunities to generate information on what people think more efficiently and faster. That is one of the reasons why the company is fascinated by the ability to instantly ask people all around the world. Understanding what people think is important for all kinds of decision making. Dalia  Research is a young and fast-growing technology startup from Berlin, Germany, that was founded in 2013. The team comes from different corners of the world and share a mutual passion for simplicity, automation and smart data.

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