Founder Team of Berlin market research Startup Decidr

Photo-Location: The Spandau Citadel

The Spandau Citadel is one of the best preserved Renaissance military structures of Europe. The adjacent Juliusturm offers a panoramic view over Spandau right up to Tegel and City West. The former fortress now houses museums and art schools and is famous for its open-air concerts. 

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DecidR – Berlin Startup for mobile real-time market research

For companies, DecidR is mobile real-time market research based on DecidR’s social network. Their approach is fast, inexpensive and brings companies two more advantages: high quality answers and an additional advertising appeal. By asking the DecidR community, the user can solve everyday questions like: “Should I buy the blue or the red shirt?”, “Which movie should we see at the cinema?”. The community votes for one of the given options and the user gets the result back on his phone in two minutes. It is a new, fun and social way to communicate with friends and the rest of the world. The brothers Niklas and Tobias Kirschnick founded DecidR in May 2014 during a scholarship of the Beuth University. The app is ready and available in Google’s Play Store for free. Now, the focus is on user growth. In 2016, DecidR will start to conduct its market research in cooperation with selected pilot customers. In addition, DecidR is open to cooperation with strategic partners and investors.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited DecidR in their office. Here´s the video:

About DecidR:

Berlin based market research Startup DecidR is a smartphone app for whenever the users need to decide between several options. Founded by the brothers Niklas and Tobias Kirschnick, it helps when deciding: lake or pool? Film or series? Bike or metro? It is for those indecisive or at the moments of trouble deciding whether to go to bed or keep looking at videos all night, choosing between pizza or Chinese for dinner or other examples. But the relevance of this app also is that users can ask each other everyday questions about the app – and answer the questions of people they follow. Who should be helped, for example, in the locker room, and so on. There is also  the option to use head or tails, as well as receiving a number from a specified range. In addition,  it is compatible with the watch. So the customers have access to DecidR fast and right at the moment they need it.

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