Berlin startup Deepstream

Wolfram Hempel (Co-Founder, CEO) and Yasser Fadl (Co-Founder, CTO) © Anne Schönharting


A Next-Gen Realtime Platform

Founded in 2016
14 employees
Funding €1.5M / Seed

Back in 2015, two trading technologists set out to bring secretive investment bank technology to everyone. Today, Deepstream has become the silent force behind some of the world’s largest banks, communication, and entertainment companies. Its lightning-fast realtime data platform helps developers of any background or skillset build apps, IoT platforms, and backends that always stay in sync – without having to worry about infrastructure or maintenance. Website

Interview with Deepstream

What inspired you to found your startup?

We’ve realized that the banks and hedgefunds we’ve worked with in London had brilliant solutions to problems experienced by technologists in any walk of life– yet kept their cards close to their chest. We wanted to take their approach and make it accessible to developers with any background and skillset.

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

A growing base of demanding customers with challenging usecases and continuously intriguing and attracting top engineers from around the world

Is there anything you’d do differently if you could do it again?

We would have gone to market earlier, rather than trying to perfect every last bit before releasing the platform.

What problem does your product solve?

From seeing your taxi driver approach to seeing your Facebook feed update – apps are increasingly adopting realtime features. But the technology that drives them is hard to build, harder to maintain and a nightmare to scale. Our product completely solves this and allows developers to focus on what makes their apps unique rather than spending time on infrastructure and maintenance.

Where do you see your company in 1/5/10 years?

We aim to become the realtime backbone of the internet, connecting millions of endpoints and making access to realtime data easier than ever before.

How are you different?

Traditionally, messaging and storage as well as communication between backends and frontends was kept separate – leading to an eternal vortex sucking up development time and resources. We unify these, leading to a unique concepts that makes it easy to operate realtime networks at scale.

How often does your product/service show up in a user’s day or week?

We’re operating behind the scenes – so it’s hard to say.

Impact: how are you doing good and building a better future?

Deepstream connects people from around the world to engage in experiences that were unknown before.

How has the startup scene in Berlin changed?

It’s gaining momentum and is becoming increasingly present within the city – but also becoming more institutionalized with bigger and bigger players taking an interest, slowly transforming its rugged charm into a more mature and polished ecosystem.

What are the pros and cons of launching your startup from Berlin?

General complaints aside – Berlin is still very cheap and affordable with an amazing quality of life, making it easy to attract international talent. On the con-side there’s German administration, company and tax law, traditionally tilted towards long-term, family run businesses that is inherently uneasy with the fail-fast and try-again nature of start-ups.

Deepstream was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Berlin“, October 2017.

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Agostino Iacurci Mural

For the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall the Italian region of Puglia decided to give the city a special present by commissioning the Italian artist Agostino Iacurci from their region. He created a unique work of art representing the human aspects of the unification.

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