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Delivery Hero – Closing the largest ever acquisition in the food ordering sector

Rocket Internet invested 287 million Euros in Delivery Hero and bought shares of equal value from existing investors. Overall Rocket acquired 30 percent of the startup, which allows Delivery Hero’s hunger for world domination to grow year after year. 2015 saw the company’s largest acquisition yet: Turkey’s Yemeksepeti, a food delivery service valued at $589 million. Yemeksepeti founder Nevzat Aydin now joins the Delivery Hero team to continue conquering markets alongside CEO Niklas Östberg, who commented after the deal: “We have looked at many businesses in our industry around the world but we have rarely seen KPIs as exceptional as those displayed by Yemeksepeti…It is an extraordinary company, and I can’t express enough of my excitement that they will join the Delivery Hero family.” This huge move reaffirmed Delivery Hero as the global market leader in food delivery. The sky’s the limit for this young company!

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About Delivery Hero Since Berlin based startup Delivery Hero started they have been continuously transforming the way people order food online. In essence, visiting their platforms is the easiest way to your favourite food. Read more