Founder Team of Berlin Work & Travel Startup Descape

Photo-Location: Tempelhofer field

Before closing in 2008, the Tempelhofer field was military area and an airport. Now it is a public park and a place for togetherness: fairs, concerts, picnics, jogging, projects and other cultural and sportive events

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Descape – Berlin Work and Travel Startup

Descape offers the best short-trips to other professions around the world, you could call them “micro-sabbaticals”. To learn a new skill, to fulfill a long-cherished dream or to get inspired – sometimes you need to escape your desk for a little while. On the other hand, Descape creates a whole new revenue stream for passionate professionals like craftsmen, artists or farmers who offer authentic experiences in their jobs. Descape was founded in 2014 in Berlin by Lena Felixberger and Heiko Strubel and joined by co-founder Jens Ehne in 2015. Today, Descape offers more than 60 different professions online. There is even more to come: the website will be relaunched soon with lots of new features and Descapes!

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Descape in their office. Here´s the video:

About Descape:

Become a carpenter for a day or a winegrower for a month without quitting your actual job? Berlin-based Startup Descape allows this experience. Founded in 2014  by Lena Felixberger and Heiko Strubel and joined by co-founder Jens Ehne in 2015, the company offers users the opportunity to get a taste as a short trip to another job – to get to know something new or to get away from the own job routine. The customers can find on their website offers of craftsmen, artists and shop owners offering professional “mini-sabbaticals” and to earn something themselves. The initial impetus of the founders  was to answer to this question: “Can I save my life once briefly and try something else?” Users can also give the job exciting trips as gift vouchers.

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