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Digital Science Match – Scientific research presentations get a modern update

The Digital Science Match hosted by Tagesspiegel brought together key players from Potsdam and Berlin in the name of scientific research. Sebastian Turner, publisher of Tagesspiegel, called the event a showcase: over 100 Berlin-based professors in digital science were joined by approximately 1,300 students, professors, and startups for this unique event, which might be described as a combination of “speed dating” and networking. Professors presented their work to attendees in three minutes or less, with the goal of forging partnerships, generating feedback, and spreading the word about innovative research topics.

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About Digital Science Match Berlin event Digital Science Match is a new communal format of the Tagesspiegel and Hamburg weekly magazine Die Zeit. Digital Science Match connects more than 100 digital researchers and gives speakes the opportunity to present their ideas in a 3 minute pitch. Read more