Founder of Berlin Payments Startup Elopay

Photo-Location: Restaurant Faustus

Restaurant Faustus sends you on a culinary city trip by offering typical regional delicacies from all over Germany in a rustic, comfortable atmosphere. The self-proclaimed “noble pub” emulates a homely living room feeling combined with a modern atmosphere. 

Link to Photo-Location: www.faustusrestaurant.de

Elopay – Berlin Fintech startup for payments

With elopay, friends can make and share payments. By simply connecting credit card information, the user can deposit money to the elopay wallet and send it in real time to friends. Features such as requesting money, commenting, liking and sharing creates a fun and social experience around payments. One to two days are needed for a cash out. Having secured BA-Funding from private investors, elopay plans to roll out its Android app and conclude first business partnerships as of August 2015. It also plans to roll out internationally in 2016. In addition, elopay works on B2B solutions based on the same technology platform that will target freelancers and private sellers. Headquartered in Berlin, elopay plans to grow to 20 employees this year. The vision is to create enduring online and offline payment experiences by adding value beyond transactions. elopay was founded in 2013 by Özkan Akkilic. In 2014, Yildiray Bastürk, Reza Fazeli and Tolga Önal joined elopay as co-founders.

Link to Startup-Website: www.elopay.com

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Elopay in their office. Here´s the video:

About Elopay:

Elopay  is a Berlin-based innovative fintech company building and managing mobile and web based products. Their mission is to create exciting and better payment experiences at the private and business scale by delivering innovative, disruptive and enduring products. To meet the demand of a new online payment culture, they are cooperating with certified and licensed finance institutions in Europe to guarantee secure and proper payments for their users. In other words, with Elopay now a mobile and fast platform for payment solution comes on the market. Money is charged via credit card or bank transfer and then shipped immediately in real time. The money is available to the recipient immediately on the “elopay account” available so the customer can then pay to his bank account or can also continue to send. For sending or soliciting money no credit card or specifying a bank account is necessary.

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