Founder Team of Berlin Energy Solutions Startup Factor-E Analytics

Photo-Location: Fraunhofer- Institut IPK

The institute for production systems and design technology researches and develops in various fields such as developing and manufacturing products, microproduction and quality control. It also transfers production technology solutions to areas outside the industry (medicine, security). 

Link to Photo-Location: www.ipk.fraunhofer.de

Factor-E Analytics – Berlin cloud-based SaaS hardware-software platform for manufacturers

Manufacturers, confronted with rising costs and global competition, must monitor and control their productivity and rationalize their resource consumption. Factor-E Analytics supports them with a cloud-based SaaS hardware-software platform. The young TU Berlin spin-off digitizes and networks equipment of all types and age and automates data collection and analysis. Plug & work hardware, installed within hours, safely communicates data to an analytics platform where productivity and resource efficiency information is extracted in real time simply by analyzing electricity usage. Role-specific, user-configurable dashboards are then generated on the fly. With the first roll-out of the platform at the site of a large industrial partner underway, the newly founded GmbH is already developing and testing the next set of innovative features that focus on intelligent condition monitoring and equipment idling reduction, both rising, high impact topics in the industry. This is Factor-E Analytics.

Link to Startup-Website: www.factor-e.eu

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Factor-E Analytics in their office. Here´s the video:

About Factor-E:

Factor-E Analytics is the one stop shop floor and energy management solution for manufacturing companies that strive for excellence. The Berlin-based industrial IT startup monitors the production and provides critical information for performance, energy efficiency and capacity utilisation in real time. Their Big Data algorithms analyse thousands of events per second, visualise key performance indicators and evaluate improvement potentials and real time reactions to ensure production targets are met. Energy and shop floor management are combined in one innovative approach that is effortless to deploy, use and maintain as an additive IT layer that integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow.

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