Founder Team of Berlin Retirement Savings Solutions Startup Fairr

Photo-Location: Landwehrkanal

Built around 1845 parallel to the Spree as a transport path, the 11km long Landwehrkanal now meanders as a green band through a populous urban space, constituting one of Berlin’s most precious local recreational areas. The history-filled waterway flows under many bridges, including the Dovebrücke.

Fairr – Berlin Startup for Retirement Savings Solutions

fairr.de offers innovative retirement savings solutions for the modern customer. Fed up with the high cost, the outdated investment philosophy and the lack of transparency associated with their own retirement products, the founders of fairr.de, Jens Jennissen, Dr. Alexander Kihm and Ambros Gleissner, decided to structure and offer their own pension products. They founded fairr.de at the end of 2013 and launched it in July 2014. The first product, called fairriester, is a fully licensed “Riester” product, which uses all available tax incentives. Its costs are one-third of the cost of comparable products and it is based on state-of-the-art asset management. The product is available online and through independent financial advisers. The product has been extensively tested, featured and recommended by the press and pension experts. 2015 will see the expansion of the product range to other retirement savings solutions, making fairr.de the one-stop-shop for modern retirement saving.

Link to Startup-Website: www.fairr.de

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited fairr in their office. Here´s the video:

About Fairr:

One of the rising Stars 2015, Berlin-based Fintech Startup Fairr develop retirement savings solutions for the modern customer. Why can not be retirement simple, inexpensive and transparent? This statement stands for the company at the beginning and end of all considerations. They believe that private pension provision is extremely important to maintain the desired standard of living in old age. Simultaneously, the existing services do not meet their idea of ​​an ideal retirement product. Yields are often modest, which is also due to the often high fees and sales commissions. Above all, the fees and the investment policy are often not transparent. Therefore Fairr founded and designed their company. They become the leading online provider of retirement savings solutions by helping their customers achieve their retirement goals with low-cost and transparent retirement products for the modern customer.

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