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Mike Rothman (Co-Founder, CEO) and Simon Isaacs (Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer)

Location: Elizabeth Street Garden was just an abandoned space before imaginative locals cultivated it as a green oasis in the early 1990s. The garden is filled with an eclectic collection of sculptures giving it a unique feel. Frequently under threat of development it is protected by a local residents association. // elizabethstreetgarden.org

Fatherly – How to win at parenting

Founded in 2015
14 employees
Funding $2M / 1 round

Fatherly is the fastest-growing parenting site on the web, targeting millennial parents who are entering the most inquisitive and acquisitive phase of their lives. By focusing on dads as well as young moms, Fatherly is able a) to capture both sides of the parenting market, b) provide a differentiated content offering in a space over-saturated with “mom” content, and c) hone in on a key insight that millennial parents increasingly share parenting responsibilities and purchasing decisions. Fatherly has been nominated twice by the Webby’s as ‘Best Parenting Site on the Internet’ in just its first year in existence.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.