Founder Team of Berlin Brides Services Startup Foreverly

Photo-Location: RAW tempel

On the site of former Reichsbahn repair workshop, the RAW tempel spreads out over 8.000m². It is located in the commuting area of Warschauer Street. Organized by registered society RAW Tempel e.V., it is a space for intercultural projects, exhibitions and markets, as well as several bars and clubs.

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Foreverly – Berlin startup for wedding planning

Launched in March 2015 by Jen Browarczyk, Foreverly has grown to display the products and services of over 1,000 vendors and seen over 70,000 brides enter its searchable pages every month. Although wedding-planning can be an enormous headache, brides can now blissfully browse through more than 1,000 relevant and vetted options about wedding trends and tips. They can also get support from a surprisingly active bride-to-be community. Couples search by cities and easily turn inspiration into reality, finding and securing the local suppliers best suited to their tastes, price level, and whim. A fun fact: Did you know that in Germany, over 1,000 people get married per day! With each couple spending an average of €15,000 on “the best day of their lives”, that amounts to over €15 mil generated daily in Germany by the wedding industry alone. Foreverly operates in the DACH region – giving brides (and their better halves) access to everything they need for that perfect day, in one simple place.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Foreverly in their office. Here´s the video:

About Foreverly:

Berlin-based Startup Foreverly is the online marketplace for weddings. The company offers all services for brides. They provides the wedding on the first click! The newlyweds can online targeted for the right providers for everything related to a wedding in their neighborhoods. The Foreverly marketplace is more than just a Business Directory. It is beautifully designed and decorated and offers a promising network for suppliers and newlyweds from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In summary, Foreverly finds all what the newlyweds need near where they are. All this, of course, with a fresh design and a lot of attention to details. In other words, this startup connects newlyweds and service together with the aim to inspire the couples so the they can remember their wedding as a perfect and unforgettable moment.

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