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Freelance Capital? – Berlin is no longer Europe’s top spot for freelancers

We will always have a heart for Berlin, but rising rents and labor costs are driving away the freelance population that once raved about self-employment in the capital. Instead, Madrid now takes the prize for freelancers in Europe, according to a Twago quarterly report. This does not come as a surprise, given the recent upward trajectory of Berlin in attracting foreign talent and expats. Although great for many aspects of the city’s economy, it decreases the appeal to freelance workers who seek inexpensive living.

About Freelance Capital? According to twago, Berlin is no longer the capital for Freelancer – thus confirming a trend that has long been looming: the German capital is still attractive, but rising rents and labor costs ensure that Berlin loses its appeal. Instead other cities win: Madrid has the most freelancers in Europe; Berlin follows in second place, Barcelona in third place. Read more