Genna Elvin
Co-Founder of TaDaweb

Q: How does it feel to run your own business?

A: Running your own business is about acknowledging the monsters in the room from the outset.

Listen to your gut and be discerning

Before even wanting to become an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to work on projects that made a difference to the world and not just to my bank account. As the co-founder of a technology company, I’ve learned a lot on my journey so far. Starting out as a founder is tough, and doing it while young is even tougher. But doing it as a female in a male dominated sector is the toughest of all! That’s what really drives me. I love shaking up the status quo and using what makes me unique to make my company stand out.

The idea for TaDaweb was something completely cutting edge that made me quit everything in New Zealand and move to the other side of the world. When first starting the company, we encountered many different opinions – from investors and advisors alike – about which market could derive the most value from our technology. It was an important milestone for us as founders when we learned to be discerning about advice, and to place more emphasis on our own views. Going with your gut, embracing failure and pivoting quickly are key in the business world.

After working on a startup focused on bringing solar energy to the developing Marshall Islands while still at university, Genna’s passion for building meaningful companies lead her to Europe where she and her co-founder, Francois Gaspard, teamed up to start a company. Founded in 2011, TaDaweb now has 20 employees and is a pioneer in the field of “Small Data,” providing government and corporate customers alike the power to exploit highly precise, yet extremely relevant online data points in order to help solve complex “real life, right now” challenges.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.