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German Startups Group – Second time’s the charm for going public

Founded in 2012, German Startups Group provides support to young companies and acquires shareholdings through investments. Although the group failed to enter the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on their first attempt due to lack of interest, it was successfully listed on November 11 of this year. Capital of €11.1 million in shares was included in trading. CEO Christoph Gerlinger, who is leading the company together with COO Nikolas Samios, said, “We are very pleased that we have made the leap to the trading floor, despite the continued fragile market environment for IPOs.”

About German Startups Group German Startups Group builds a bridge between startups and capital market investors aiming to provide the most skilled and talented german entrepreneurs with more growth capital and to give our shakeholders access to the high return potential of ´Startups made in Germany`. Read more