Gina Tost
Co-Founder and CEO of Geenapp

© Berta Tiana

Q: How do you deal with stress?

A: I play action and adventure video games. It’s like I am in another body, in another universe.

Ideas are nothing without the right people beside you

I’ve been a tech and video games journalist for years. While I was giving voice to other amazing projects in the media, I was always thinking of founding a startup myself. It felt like a train that I didn’t want to miss. I’ve led a team before when I was working in Madrid, but truth be told, I had zero experience as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, my co-founders helped fill the knowledge gap. With Geenapp, our mobile adtech company, it was my time to demonstrate that I can go beyond the persona of the girl on TV.

At Geenapp, we have a very unlikely office: a house with a nice garden in a very wealthy area of Barcelona. We have breakfast and lunch in the garden, a nice view from the office and famous football players as neighbors. But a startup is like a small boat – you have to be paddling to move. When you have a big boat, all the engines have been working for a long time and you just need to adjust some pieces to move faster or slower. But until then, if you face a problem, you must solve it with bravery and cleverness. And believe me, you’ll face plenty of problems as a growing startup!

Gina Tost was born in Barcelona, Spain a long time ago. Before founding Geenapp in 2013, she studied graphic design but has never been a designer. She was a video games and tech journalist for more than ten years, giving startups a voice on TV, radio, newspaper and other media. While many in Spain know Gina from her journalism, she’s now working hard to bring a new kind of service to mobile adtech.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.