Gioia Pistola
Co-Founder and CMO of Atooma

Q: What do you hope for the future?

A: I hope for a future where big companies and startups build innovation together; too much lip service is paid today.

Don’t find faults, find remedies

In 2012, I worked as an employee in a startup building a platform for the Italian university network. It was a great challenge for two years, but I soon felt I wanted to make an even bigger difference and stand out. Although I was confused about which steps to take next, I successfully joined a program for entrepreneurs in Italy. That’s where I met my co-founders and the idea of Atooma came to be. I started this venture as co-founder and CMO. I left my job, but nothing seemed to scare me regarding the risks.

Today I think that was the most compelling action I have taken in the last three years, regardless of the hundreds of obstacles I have faced, I do not regret anything. The energy and motivation I’ve gained from this decision will pay back my efforts both in success or failure. I can say this experience is giving much more in terms of learning and growth than many years of professional experiences as an employee ever could. Along the way, I also became a mother, and I carry my son on my back to tech conferences. I want to overcome the judgments we as women entrepreneurs and mothers have to deal with every day.

Gioia Pistola, 30, lives in Rome, Italy, and holds an MBA focused on technology ventures. She has over eight years of experience in product marketing, entrepreneurship and social media management in startups and big companies including Deloitte 500 fastest growing companies. Her startup is Atooma, founded in 2012 and counting 10 dedicated employees today who help growing IoT companies sharpen their products with Resonance AI, an IoT Artificial Intelligence platform.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.