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Glispa – Attracting London capital with its AdTech

Glispa has grown up since its small scale marketing days in 2008. Founded by American expat Gary Lin, the now international AdTech powerhouse opened its new global headquarters and innovation center in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in October. Earlier in 2015, the company secured a $77 million round from London’s Market Tech. It was the first time Glispa raised any money. Lin did not want just any old financial loan – after all, the company was profitable on its own. Rather, this investment doubled as a strategic partnership and brought plenty to the table for potential expansion and acquisitions.

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About Glispa Berlin based startup Glispa sees digital and mobile advertising as the most effective way to deliver your message to the right audience and inspire your target customers to take action. Advertisers benefit from our global profile to acquire customers worldwide. Read more