Founder Team of Berlin Retail Stores Startup Go-PopUp

Photo-Location: Karakulowa

Karakulowa is a young fashion label that wants to change consumption behavior in this throw-away society. Lilija Meier designs unisex shirts with various patterns made out of grandmother’s old bedlinen. She sells the shirts in her shop in Gräfe Street together with other sustainably produced items. 

Link to Photo-Location: www.karakulowa.de

Go-PopUp – Berlin Startup marketplace for retail Pop-up Stores

Imagine there is the right space for every idea out there: a place to hold a test run for the latest food trend, to start an emerging fashion brand or to set up the next brilliant marketing coup. Finding these suitable vacant spaces and making them easily available for booking is the core business of Go-PopUp, a marketplace to find and rent short-term retail space for pop-up stores. Since its foundation by Sven Straubinger, Dennis Boehres and Patrick Burkert in 2013, brands and makers from all over the world can find flexible space with Go-PopUp. “It’s not just about any empty space, it’s about the right one.” The startup helps customers reach their target groups in the offline world, like Google does online. Beyond matchmaking, Go-PopUp supports businesses with its wide network of partners – from the location to the final opening. Go-PopUp connects a growing global community and supports creative exchange of pop-up ideas. The vision? Making offline retail accessible for everyone.

Link to Startup-Website: www.gopopup.com

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited GoPopUp in their office. Here´s the video:

About Go-PopUp:

Berlin-based startup Go-PopUp finds suitable vacant spaces and makes them easily available for booking. The company is a community marketplace, where brands and creative businesses can connect to landlords and commercial property owners to find temporary space where they can test, promote and develop their business ideas. They promote Pop-Up events and locations in Europe and thus the visibility of these short-term happenings is increasing. Pop-Up’s are shops, restaurants, bars, cafés, galleries and exhibitions which appear on a temporary basis and are placed in an unique environment. Since 2013, when Sven Straubinger, Dennis Boehres and Patrick Burkert founded Go-PopUp, brands and makers from all over the world can find flexible space. According to the founders, it’s not about finding any empty space, but the right one.

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