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Go_Geek! – Four young programmers with one desire: to change the world

Go_Geek!, a reality show that follows the lives of four programmers in the Berlin tech scene, is proof that not all reality TV stars need to be airheads – in fact, some are quite the opposite. The show, which aired on EinsPlus and could also be streamed on, accompanied programmers through their daily lives at EyeEm, panono, Wooga, and 6Wunderkinder. So, did Go_Geek capture the drama, triumphs, and challenges of the Berlin tech scene? If you have not watched already, check out the six-part series and decide for yourself!

About Go_Geek! Go_Geek! – The interactive documentary series from EinsPlus. here are perhaps the most important languages of our time: programming languages. Whoever controls the codes that can help to shape the world. The TV station accompanied four programmers in Berlin through their daily lives. On board for the mini-series with six episodes are Charlotte Vorbeck, frontend programmer at the Berlin Games Startup Wooga, Dima Emmerich, responsible for the app-programming of the panono camera ball, Ramzi Rizk, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the photo app EyeEm, and Ryan Levick , backend programmer at 6Wunderkinder. Read more